Free Bitcoin Grid Game

Win 100,000 Satoshi!

Win free bitcoin just by clicking on the bitcoin grid below and each time you click the grid it will ask you to solve a captcha, then it will send you to a "View Results" page that will show a sponsor's website and a 20 second countdown timer at the top. Once the timer runs out, it will show a "View Results" button that you must click in order to find out if you have won any bitcoin. You can try to win as many times as you wish and there are no limits on how much you can win!

If you win the 100,000 satoshi prize, you will see a form to claim the prize and all prizes will be paid out on Sunday of each week.

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The Grid

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Referral Program

Earn a huge 50% referral commission every time one of your referrals win the 100,000 satoshi prize!

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