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Hello everyone, I made this page to help support my brother and his family to continue to save horses from all over the world. They have a farm (Packard Meadows Farm) and the use their entire 20 horse barn to board rescue horses and nurse them back to good health so they can find a new home and continue to live out their lives.

Check the farm’s facebook page to see some of the latest updates in their journey but money is getting very tight and they could really use some help to fix up the property, stock up on plenty of feed for the horses and pay for doctor visits.

I made this page in hopes to connect with the bitcoin/cryptocurrency community so my brother and his family can continue to do that great work that they truly love to do.

100% of all donations will go to help Packard Meadows Farm in their mission to rescue horses from around the world. 

Use the button below to send your bitcoin donations:

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