New To Cryptocurrency?


If you’re brand new to cryptocurrency and you’re not sure where to start… Just follow the simple steps and tips below to get started owning, using and investing in cryptocurrency. Feel free to post any additional questions you may have in our Bitcoin Forum.

Step 1: Get Your Crypto Wallet Setup

We recommend using a multi coin wallet called Guarda because they offer many options like web, mobile and desktop (recommended) wallets and they make it easy to backup your private key(s) for safe storage of your cryptocurrencies.


Step 2: Time To Buy Or Earn Some Cryptocurrency

Now that you have your multi coin wallet setup and your private key(s) backed up from step 1, it’s time to put some coins in your wallet. You can do work online to earn small bits of cryptocurrency for free OR you can just purchase some each week. (like we do) Over time your cryptocurrency holdings will grow and so will the value of your coins.

To earn free cryptocurrency as well as earn interest daily just click here.

To purchase cryptocurrency you can try some of the options below:

  • PayPal – PayPal now offers cryptocurrency services to most of the US.
  • CashApp – Add cash to your account with your debit card, the use the funds to buy Bitcoin. Then send it to your wallet BTC address from Step 1.
  • Coinbase – They are the largest US based company and you can link your bank account and debit cards to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies fast and easy. (note: they do have higher prices but you are the safest here)
  • LocalBitcoins – Here you can meet up with people in your area to do trades in person or use a trusted broker with high feedback score to make a trade online. Be smart and you should be fine.
  • Bittrex – Is a crypto exchange that has been online for many years and now offers a way to buy and sell directly or do it on the market.

Now all you need to do is save your coins for the future and if you have patience you will gain the profits that you’re seeking.


Be very careful in the crypto world because there are TONS of scammers looking to take your coins from you. So you need to be smart and Do NOT fall for any of the “investment opportunities” in the crypto space…all you need to do is get some coins and hold them for the future!…

Do Not “Invest” Your Coins With Any Sites Or People!*

*The only exception and trusted place to earn daily compounding interest on your Bitcoin is at the Freebitcoin website. (they are in the top 2000 websites worldwide!)